As of Jan 2023, we will no longer offer sleeve flags.
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Why have my items not shipped out yet?
All order are printed on demand by Ballistic Ink, our standard ship time is 8-12 business days from the day that the order way placed. If you order has not shipped within 8-12 business days please send us an email to and include your order number.

Do you ship internationally?

How much does shipping cost?
Shipping charges vary by how many items you have in your cart, the shipping option selected and the destination. If you go to your cart there is a tool that allows you to estimate shipping cost.

I place an international order and I haven’t received it?

In our experience, international shipping can take 14 – 30 days to be delivered depending on your home country. We cannot control the shipping after it leaves our facility. Buyer is responsible for any customs or duty that is required by your home country.

I forgot to put an item in my cart and I already paid, can you add it to my order please?
At this time we are not able to add items to orders that are already placed however we can make sure to ship all items together if orders are placed separately and a credit for shipping charges will be issued back to the original payment method.
I ordered the wrong size/color/item, can you change the size/color/item on my order?
Yes, as long as the item has not shipped yet you are able to make changes. please email with your order number and what you would like to change and one of our customer service representatives will assist you in getting your order corrected.

I made an error how do I cancel my order?
Please email with your order number and your cancellation request.

I accidentally inputted the my address incorrectly, what do I do?
Please email with your order number and your correct address.

How do I return an item?
Please email with your order number and the email address associated with the order to begin the process. We offer a 14 day return policy as long as the item purchased has not been used and has all original packaging and tags intact. Once we receive your item back please allow up to 5 days to process your refund. All refunds will be processed less the shipping cost.

I received the wrong item, what do I do?
Please email with your order number and we will make sure to get your items out to you as quickly as possible.

Why don’t you offer custom printing?
Ballistic Ink’s mission is to provide outstanding service to the firearms industry and those that have a proven track record of fighting infringements on the 2nd amendment.

Body Armor FAQs

Can I own body armor?
Absolutely. We sell to all law-abiding U.S. citizens, Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders, member of the Military, etc. There is only one exception. Because of state laws, Connecticut does not allow online sales of body armor. It is illegal to own armor in Connecticut as a civilian, but active LEO or Military may own it. Please email if you live in Connecticut and this pertains to you.

Do you ship internationally?
Due to export regulations, we only ship to domestic customers in the United States (exclude state of Connecticut).

What armor should I get?
Armor recommendations are all personal preference, in my opinion. But the first question you need to ask yourself, is “What rounds would I like my armor to defeat? After you answer that question, check out the graphic on this page:

After you narrow it down for yourself, you will want to further narrow it down by price and weight. Typically, the lighter the plate, the more expensive it is. However, there are tradeoff’s as lighter plates don’t normally defeat as many rounds as heavier plates do…at least in the composite armor world.

How do I size a plate?
You can figure out your size with a tape measure. You want the plate width to be just inside your nipples. As far as the height is concerned, you want to measure from the top of the sternum down to one or two inches above the belly button – when you are sitting down, relaxed.

A majority (75-80%) of people wear a 10×12 or a multi-curve medium.

What are the differences in your Level IV plates?
We know it can be confusing, but there are a few basic differences. Across a plate level (such as level IV, level III, etc.), the lighter the plate is, the more expensive the material is. That is the main reason in the cost difference. For example:

1155: 8.3lbs – Cost, $135
1189: 6.9lbs – Cost, $299
1192: 5.7lbs – Cost, $699
1199: 4.7lbs – Cost, $999

There are other factors as well. The 1155 is the easiest and fastest plate to manufacture, so the labor doesn’t cost as much. Consequently, the 1199 takes the longest to build, so the labor cost is higher.

Both the 1189 and the 1199 utilize ceramic made with our patented tile array. Those ceramics are much more expensive than the ceramic in the 1155 plate, which is a single, large ceramic piece.

When will my order ship?
Our standard ship time is 8-12 business days from the day that the order way placed. If you order has not shipped within 8-12 business days please send us an email to and include your order number.

Do I need trauma pads?
Typically, trauma pads are made for steel, not composite armor because the polyethylene backer on a composite plate acts as a trauma pad. Trauma pads help reduce some of the energy on steel plates because the round bounces off the steel.

On ceramic plates, the ceramic breaks apart the round, then the polyethylene essentially eats the remaining slug and acts as a reducer in energy. Therefore, it’s like a built in trauma pad.

Still have a question?
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